Yep, all the kids that aren’t drunk are taking an afternoon nap, so they had to call in Team Spud.

I gotta tell you, I’ve been following politics and current events since the Nixon/McGovern debate in 1972. The current bullshit that falls under the category of “things that matter”, just makes me vacillate between “I couldn’t care less” and “I want to punch you in the throat”.

So here are the links! YMMV.


Couldn’t care less.


Spreading the derp, one Dem at a time.


Throat punch.


Said with a straight face.

“There will be fewer young people to bear the increasingly heavy burden of the welfare state.”


A daily diet of lentils? The world doesn’t have enough toilet paper.


Throat punch just because, followed by a “couldn’t care less”.


Gaia has a sense of humor and it’s Trump’s fault.


Hopefully, the beginning of a positive trend.


That does it for today, Glibbies!


Who doesn’t like a good mashup?