Good morning my Glibs, I hope you are having a fine morning.  I know I am as the Federal government is still partially closed.  USA today, which is just a step above Highlights magazine, is lamenting about beer labels and how ever will they  be approved without the Federal Government and other such things? I have a solution.



Where are the white women at?  Not having babies that’s for sure.


The DOD has $27.7 billion in unused funds that they soon will be forced to fork over back to the Treasury unless they find a use for the funds, like say for example if the President declares a state of emergency and needs the money.



So many crap shows on cable will last for years but the same crap shows quickly die out on a platform where you can more easily track exact viewership.  This in addition to the crap cable channel it’s on can’t be packaged with more successful channels.


Tapas and cocaine is a good name for an album.


That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and take off.