Good morning my bright and happy dumplings!  And what a glorious morning it is as the government is still partially shutdown with no end in sight.  Here is the current lead article on Drudge about the shutdown.  I’m only posting it because Dick Durbin provides the world’s worst analogy I have ever read.  Do any of these people have normal family experiences?


apropos of nothing


Kentucky driver tried plowing through family’s snowman in their front yard only to discover the hard way that the snowman was on top of a giant tree stump.


Thank God, CNN, I’ve been waiting weeks for this hot take.



Celebrity fights are just retard fights, but I am with Roker on this one.  Michaels’ unrealistic weight loss plan of working out all day while starving yourself not only doesn’t keep the weight off, but obliterated her torture victim’s metabolism.


Snuffaluffagus’ version of events.


Welcome to Houston, Californians.


Global Warming does not increase hurricane activity according to a study.


Fuck face


In the words of Michael Malice, “Imagine being this person.”



At least she’s not planning on running a Hot Carl.



That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and then get my girls ready for the day.