Good morning by my incorrigible scoundrels, and what a glorious morning it is as the partial shutdown is still in effect leading to the postponement of the State of the Union address.  Personally, I think Trump should have taken up that sweet few hours of prime time television to have aired a Trump Extravaganza with bikini girls, cannons, and fireworks.


Trump recognized Venezuelan’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as the President of Venezuela.


Cohen postpones testimony citing “threats from Trump


Girl who was kidnapped after her parents were murdered to receive $25k of her own reward money for rescuing herself.


Nurse accused of knocking up a woman in a vegetative state.


Don Lemon wants Covington students educated on how openly displaying their conservative beliefs triggers leftists as they’re terrified of having their worldview questioned.  These mother fuckers are seriously pushing me to buy a case of MAGA hats and handing them out to everyone I know.


Father and son sentenced in the poaching of a black bear and her cubs in Alaska.


With the Russia nonsense fading away, Democrats are now pushing even harder on the “zomg racist” rhetoric, continuing the destruction of the meaning of the word.




Azealia Banks goes off on a anti-Irish rant on Instagram, then after receiving a backlash asks Conor McGregor for help.



That’s all I got for today, I hope this song doesn’t trigger Azealia.