Happy Tuesday afternoon, Glibs. It was so quiet here, I actually did some work. Don’t tell anybody.

Pagans hold religious services on US Naval Vessel. Maybe the armed forces could use a few more pagans.

Fuck cancer! But it has been killing fewer people for each of the last 25 years. Let’s shoot for a day when it only kills shitbirds who’ve overstayed their welcome in elected government.

Guys! Guys! I found a place for Libertopia! Its just as realistic as every other strategy we have. Seems nicer than Somalia. Uh, downside is we have to cooperate for 226 light-years before we can fuck off and leave each other alone.

Lol. Posting this for the graphic alone. If Trump declares a State of Emergency to build the border wall, it will join 31 other currently active SoE’s dating back to the Carter presidency.

Bonus link: Florida Man denies ownership of 3 syringes in his rectum. I’m sure whoever he was holding them for doesn’t want them back.

This came on the radio today, and I thought, you know, that’s not a bad song. Bonus that you get to see where the look of the Hanson Brothers came from.