Well, its Tuesday, my kid is home sick from school, and I’ve done shit, sub-type jack, all day except play Entertainment Director to a five year old who should have gone the hell to VPK. We’re gun shy about sending him because school policy is that if they get caught with a fever over 100.4, they have to go home and stay home the next day. And the three-year old’s former teacher (now gone, yay!) used to jack with the system to get kids sent home so she could have fewer kids in her class. So anyway, five year old has “tripped on the stairs” and “hurt his knee” like six times today. But only when I’m trying to work.

Well good on the Eugene, OR cops for taking on this armed moron at a school. Textbook response. Engage, ask them to walk (but be nice), help them walk (but be nice), shoot them dead when they draw a firearm.

Grauniad gonna grauniad. In their view, Bill Gates is lying with statistics when he says the world is getting better. Even though fewer people of dying of disease and starvation:

Prior to colonisation, most people lived in subsistence economies where they enjoyed access to abundant commons – land, water, forests, livestock and robust systems of sharing and reciprocity. They had little if any money, but then they didn’t need it in order to live well – so it makes little sense to claim that they were poor. This way of life was violently destroyed by colonisers who forced people off the land and into European-owned mines, factories and plantations, where they were paid paltry wages for work they never wanted to do in the first place.