Yesterday sloopy and I tuned in to the College Football National Championship game on a lark to see how empty the stadium was when we witnessed an outright raping.  Someone needs to call a representative of the #Metoo movement.  I haven’t been this happy to watch a college football playoff since Ohio State destroyed Alabama in 2014.  It was fanfuckingtastic to say the least.



In other news, for a second time, a dead male prostitute was found in the home of a Democrat party super donor.  You’d think he would have started to be more careful after the first time.



Sometimes it’s fun to play rightwing version of reality versus leftwing.




I’m starting to believe Democrats when they say we have a Russian bot problem as they appear to be the ones hiring them.


I genuinely have no idea why you CA Glibs haven’t gotten the hell out yet.


That’s quite a downward spiral.


That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and skedaddle.