Hey guys, how’s life? I assume many of us are back to work. We had a great time on NYE, but my wife had too good a time, so she took her first parenting sick day of 2019 yesterday. But it got her at least one day of not drinking closer to a dry January goal. How are your resolutions coming?

Goddam, Florida Man will shoot you and your dogs. If they were chihuahuas, they deserved it.

He also believes in “celebratory gunfire”. Shooting a dead bad guy again is acceptable celebratory gunfire, negligently discharging your firearm into the air is stupid and dangerous.

Scientists “find” dark matter by… assuming it exists and mapping galaxy rotation. Uh, no. You found that gravity was consistent, and that Newtonian-Einstein gravity still can’t be explained on a cosmic scale without the assumed, unobservable mass.

Harry Reid is dying. Quit filibustering, Harry. Godspeed.


My new year’s resolution.