Good morning my maniacal miscreants! And what a glorious morning it is for most school children throughout US getting days off due to the polar vortex.



Actor in TV show I have never heard of tells fantastical story about getting recognized by two bigoted Trump supporters in the middle of the dead of night in the middle of downtown Chicago in the middle of a polar vortex where everyone would be dressed like Eskimos and had liquid dumped on him, a noose wrapped around his neck, and yelled “this is MAGA country”.  Not only does is read like a terrible Law and Order script, combined with the the location and time, it seems beyond impossible.  Hell, I would still struggle to believe it if it had occurred in June in the middle of nowhere in Alabama.


Is anyone really surprised by this?



After being arrested for a false positive drug test, a man’s case leads to the dismissal of 11 more cases.






Hard to feel sympathy for the leader of a domestic terrorist organization.



Journalists angry that they’re held accountable.



SFGATE journalists confused as to why so many shops, including newer ones, in San Francisco are closing.  Socialistic batshit crazy levels of regulation, taxation, and increases in crime tend to make good people and good businesses disappear.  I’m sure shit like this doesn’t help either.



Proposed Virginia abortion bill would allow abortion right up until birth including going into labor.



That’s all I got for today, In honor of all the new far leftist abortion laws, I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.