Welcome to Crackpot Corner, the randomly appearing column where I (and other Featured Content Providers) make a low-effort post without doing the research of one written by Animal, Neph, Kinnath, Eddie, Hyp, or any of the more worthwhile authors.  What makes this different than other posts, is this column will cover topics that are plausible, as long a) you don’t know enough about the topic for it to be ludicrously incorrect, b)you’re drunk or c) both.

So I was at the more mall-ninja of the gun shops in town (the only one that carries CZs) and hanging on the wall I saw one of the 25-round magazines for a 10/22.  Now, since NYS bans magazines with capacities of more than ten rounds, I was intrigued.  Maybe there was an exception for .22 or rimfire cartridges?  I asked the sales guy and he told me that “Law enforcement can still buy them.”  I became fucking enraged.  I kept my cool (how stupid do you have to be to lose your shit in a gun store?) didn’t buy anything, and left.

And then I thought.

And then I had an idea.

I bring this idea to the Glibertariat, because to make it work, it will take some legal eagles and residents of accommodating states.  It may not even be possible.  But if it is…

The basic idea is, just like you can buy an ordination online, we set up a way of becoming a certified LEO online.  The Law Enforcement Officers safety Act does make reference to “private agency/firm” being able to qualify someone to be a “Qualified Law Enforcement Officer.”  We got Glibs with land.  Let’s get the Glibertarian Legal Team to work drafting up the paperwork to give “Suthern’s Forest Preserve, Tactical Training Center and Muscadine Wine Bar” its own armed security force with arrest powers onsite.  I will totally chip in to make this happen.

The Million Dollar Idea part comes in where we create a website to accept names to be added to the SFPTTCMWB police force and charge for a background check and “administrative costs.”  The payments will need to be automatically converted to Bitcoin and downloaded to an offline wallet, naturally.

The site might not last too long unless we can generate enough money to bribe the appropriate politicos.  Hopefully, though, the original members of the SFPTTCMWBPF will have prior to the discovery/media outcry retired and become “Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officers” so I can run standard capacity mags in my CZ.