Ride, my culturally appropriated friend!


In a vain effort to temporarily halt the lack of content – you get me riding my Catalan hobbyhorse.

Lets see where we are now…

  • The Trial of the Century is now 5 days away. The Catalan assembly has belched and squeaked about it…note the appeal to the Left in the “declaration”. Sure, independence leaders are being tried for thoughtcrime…but it can get worse, what if they next target “feminists, antifascists, ecologists or unions.” GASP!
  • Socialist PM coming to realize the same thing as the previous Center-Right one…these Catalans really are not big fans of ours?! Note the attempted buying off of Catalonia (with their own money, extracted from them by Madrid, ha!) ” including a draft budget that is very favorable to the region” … but the Trial of the Century is held up as a reason the Catalan parties will torpedo the budget. Ah, parliamentary governments….mmmm!
  • Oh, and the budget going down would press the Socialist government (a minority one…don’t ask) to call for elections. And we all know what that could lead to…YELLOW VESTS?! SPANISH DRUMPF??? Ironically, the Spanish Populist-Right party is “Vox” hahahaha!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled commenting, shitposting and OT links.