Last Friday Twitter Founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey was interviewed by Joe “that’s a complex issue” Rogan.  Should you be of a mind to actually listen to the podcast, the YouTube link is here:  Joe Rogan Experience #1236

…but be warned.  It is two hours long, Joe is in an exceptionally passive mood, and Jack is pretty much the pompous bullshitter you expect him to be.

This is my review of Pizza Port Brewery Bacon and Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter.

To my understanding, Joe has a bit of a marmite effect around here.  Much of the criticism of Rogan’s show is that he rarely challenges his guest, accepts facts from his guests with little question, engages in conspiracy theory, and overall he can be a bit of a meathead.  It is the first item here I wish to focus.  The reason I like his show, aside from constantly having UFC fighters on the show, is Joe does not drive the conversation.  He mostly has a few questions that act as prompts and lets the guest yammer away.

This allows me to determine if the guest if full of shit in a reasonable amount of time.  For example, prior to the multiple episodes where he interviewed Jordan Peterson, I thought Peterson was just a guy writing self help books and wasn’t particularly interesting.  Boy was I wrong.  Another example is Peter Schiff, where my only exposure was a brief video from TOS where he yells at Occupy Wall Street.  Its cool he did that, but who didn’t want to yell at those idiots?

Ban me from twatting…. I’m starting my own twatter! With gay frogs! Blackjack, and Green Hookers! AH! The hell with it!

Back to Dorsey.  Where I want to focus is around the 48 minute mark where Joe asks him about why Alex Jones was banned…if you don’t know what he said by now I’ll let you hit the link here, where his explanation begins.  I’ll wait.

My ass he doesn’t know!  “It’s just my platform, I don’t always know what goes on in the day to day…..”  whatever Jack.  “Oh, he didn’t violate the terms of service, there was a succession [incoherent mumbling] [more mumbling]…”  Okay, that makes a lot of sense, Alex does have a history of getting in people’s faces, and saying stupid things.  A history that predates Twitter….  No matter what you think of Jones he has the right to say stupid things, excommunicating only feeds the perception social media companies are silencing dissenting voices.  It certainly doesn’t help they enforce their code of conduct subjectively and only seem to drop the hammer on conservatives.  Keep on bullshitting Jack, we get it.

The problem people have with Joe here is he didn’t challenge Dorsey at all.  He has acknowledged Twitter’s subjectivity in enforcing its rules in the past and that social media is overwhelmingly left wing.  He is even perfectly capable of challenging his guests when he wants to, such as arguing with Dave Rubin over enforcement of building codes, Steven Crowder over his ambivalence with marijuana use, Candace Owens over her “wrong” opinion on Climate Change, or Gavin McInnes for of all things—being Catholic.  Okay, Gavin was either intentionally being an idiot or a troll.

Jack is full of shit.  Even if one of Dorsey’s companies sponsors Joe’s show (Cash App), Joe could’ve at least pointed out the inconsistencies.  He even apologized for it earlier this week…sort of.

For a guy that constantly tells people not to be a bitch, Rogan sure bitched out. As of this writing, the ratio is ?11k to ?73k.

This beer is rather expensive but at least you get six full pint cans.  It is really heavy on the coffee, which means its probably a good choice for day drinking.  Your wife, boss, and mother-in-law will never know the difference.  Pizza Port Brewery Bacon and Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter: 3.5/5.