Happy Friday, ev’rbody. I hope I get 800 comments on MY thread. Wink,wink.

I posted this in the morning comments, but here’s a Florida Man cocktail for you:

Russian Tang
4 oz Mad Dragon orange “wine-based product”
2 oz Russian vodka — don’t waste $$ on expensive stuff
Fill a glass full of ice. Mix. Two of these will make you not care that you’re strapped to a Russian rocket with no control over whether it goes to space or blows up.

Texas Woman fights off machete wielding clowns with scooter. God Bless Texas.

Oh boy. Every Presidential administration has to tilt at this windmill. Kushner to announce Middle East Peace Plan. I assume it is not to ramp up production at General Dynamics and let them sort out a lasting peace by any means necessary while paying hard currency for the, er, tools.

I present to you… the pinnacle of Florida Man and Woman.

Damn, man. I didn’t even know you could move $10K worth of stolen cigarettes. What’s the market for that? Venezuela. Or course, the way prices were going last I checked, that’s probably only 100 cartons now, “street value”

I think I know why these tigers are endangered.

I’m in a punk mood today. No telling how many of those Russian Tangs I’ll have had by the time this goes up.