I see that things have gone partially to shit with SP occupied trying to get us moved in. Where’s the evening posts? Meh, no one reads it anyway. Nor the links. And this morning, Sloopy suddenly found himself hors combat, so I have to drop what I’m doing and throw something together. And it will show. Call it a “bare bones post.” And recall the line from Office Space about what you’d think of someone who just does the minimum.

My regular Saturday morning links tomorrow will be up to my usual standards, I promise.


One of my childhood heroes passes. I watched him play during the ’60s. Besides being a great hitter and very good base-runner, he was a fearless fielder, routinely falling into the stands in pursuit of foul balls. There are players that, along with being great at what they do, carry a certain aura, that change the entire feel of the game. He was one of those. He was overall the best baseball player I ever saw. (Surprisingly, I am too young to have seen that other Baltimore legend, that Ruth fellow)

At least we still have Boog Powell and Lou Reed.



Remember how any Bush appointment to the Supreme Court would end abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade? Pepperidge Farms remembers.



I’m no fan of religion, and of Islam particularly, but this seems terribly wrong. And the excuse, “Well, we employ a Christian, but no-one else, and it’s gotta be an employee” seems even wronger on many levels.



As creepy as I find the idea of using a hooker, this is even creepier. I’d advise customers to carry in a black light.



When this is inevitably shown to be a hoax, will taxpayers get a refund for the investigation cost? Ima guess no.


And a brief musical interlude Old Guy Style, from my favorite jazz drummer, Roy Haynes, with Tommy Flanagan doing his usual thing, and Roland Kirk yet again making me want to smash my flute and give up.