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“Time to start on the other hand, bitches!”

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Glibertariat!

Birthdays, anyone?

Let’s start with the gorgeous Aussie ginger, Isla Fisher.

Also born on this day was former hottie and mother of whack job and health products grifter Gwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner.

Indian heartthrob, Kishwar Merchant.

Some non-hotties such as not Pretty Boy Floyd, American Icon Norman Rockwell, famed writers James Michener, Paul Auster, and Gertrude Stein.

I would also be remiss in not mentioning superb actor Nathan Lane, and world famous wrestler, Tonga Fifita.

And last but not least, this man born on February 3, 1811 deserves solo mention for his contributions to this country. “Go West, young man.”


There’s only one bit of history that really matters today because, this is the day the music died.

The links!

The halftime show needs to go the way of Kaepernick’s career.

“Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.”

What happens when you take dolphins to the desert.

No need for war, just a few well placed ICBMs in the home of the Guardian Council.

Monkey cuck, glory hole?

Yeah! A race! NASCAR, F-1, Boston Marathon?

And lastly, in honor of Super Bowl Sunday, and my sincere distrust of the AI wave that’s just starting to break, tech spies predict the outcome.

Apropos music for today: