This week’s skies are dominated by Jupiter, which is kind of apropos since it is the Planet of Dominion.  It links two alignments: Jupiter-Venus-Terra and Jupiter-Sol-Mars.  Jupiter-Venus is a particularly felicitous conjunction, and although (with all due respect to 5th Dimension) Jupiter-Mars is not, the inclusion of the big fireball in the sky with them does leaven it significantly.  So we’ve got good luck, happiness, home, security, stability, defense — basically everything that is good about having a home life is here.  Also, with both male (Mars) and female (Venus) aspects being represented here we have good news/good luck/success in parenting.

Aquarius continues to have excellent luck from hosting the Sun and Mercury.  There is also a warning about flooding for the rest of us.  Aries luck isn’t so good this week — the moon is poking Mars with a pointy stick which frankly isn’t smart.  Speaking of not smart, Capricorn (wisdom) is getting thumped with the idiot stick (Saturn) resulting in romantic troubles (Venus).  Sagittarius continues to be the boss (Jupiter).  I will be paying particular attention to my results at the range this week to see if the archer-aspect of Sagittarius is delivering.

Now onto the cards, there are quite a few powerful ones this week:

Aquarius: 9 of Cups, reversed – This is the libertarian sign.  Liberty, loyalty, truth, imperfections, mistakes.

Pisces:  Page of Swords, reversed – Sickness. The Page of Swords typically represents a sneaky weasely little bastard who is on your side.  Reversed, he’s working against you.

Aries:  3 of Cups, reversed – An expedition.  Also an achievement or an ending.

Taurus: Ace of Cups – this was Leo’s card last week, so this week, you get you will experience nourishment and joy.

Gemini:  Queen of Cups – This represents a good woman.  Alternatively, it indicates unusual insight or vision this week.

Cancer :  King of Wands – A friendly dark man.  Also a consultant.

Leo:  Knight of Cups, reversed – Trickery, fraud, artifice.  Someone who is falsely claiming to work for your benefit.

Virgo: The Hanged Man, reversed – You will be mistaken for a Scorpio.  Selfishness, crowds, and selfish crowds.  The politically pandered-to.

Libra:  The Hermit – Possibly prudence, but more typically treason and corruption.  Sorry about that.

Scorpio:  The Chariot – This one always means something interesting is going to happen.  Succor, providence, triumph, trouble, vengeance.

Sagittarius:  King of Swords – This card represents the positive aspects of hard power.  It’s being better than others, having authority, passing judgment.

Capricorn:  4 of Wands – Prosperity, repose, “country life.”