A few months ago, it wasn’t easy for our friend Brett.  Due in no small part to the most outrageous of outrages, sparking an outrage amongst those most eager to be outraged.  Even people that were only coincidentally named Brett  were affected by the outrage.

Now Kavanagh, a salesman, says he has to change his whole pitch following the Supreme Court nominee’s scandal.

‘The first thing I say is my name is Brett Kavanagh. And literally the first reactions is “Wait, what did you just say.” I have to stop and explain it’s been a crazy couple of weeks,’ he said.

Some people are dumb…

This is my review of Boulevard Saison Brett

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Brett doesn’t have to be bad, and nobody should ever put you down just because you are named Brett…or are a cokehead.  There a many famous Bretts out there, and the list get even bigger when you remove a T.  Which means there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Especially since so many of them are athletes, country singers, and 80’s hair metal icons. Plus, the one at the top is known for sending pictures of his junk to this chick.

Lets be real though, the name reference has absolutely nothing to do with Brett.  Sorry brah.  It has more to do with this.


Which is a a difficult type of yeast to work with, given it is a “wild” strain and you don’t really know what you will wind up with.

  • Brettanomyces (aka “Brett”): A strain of yeast, not a bacteria, that Dawson refers to as “the wunderkind of the wild beer world.” It serves the same function as saccharomyces does: fermenting beer. But Brett works more slowly, meaning a beer that could have fermented within days or weeks with saccharomyces will take weeks, months or even years to display its full character when Brett is used. Dawson rephrases a quote from the late beer author Michael Jackson: “Saccharomyces is like a dog and Brett is like a cat. It’s a little less predictable. It’s going to do its own thing; it’s not going to come when you call it and sit when you say sit. If you can respect its individuality and suggest rather than dictate what it does in your fermentation, it can reward the brewer and the drinker.” There are different strains of Brett, each of which produces its own flavors ranging from tropical pineapple and fruity peach to the intense flavors described as sweaty horse blanket, dirt, earth and barnyard. TL;DR:Brett is the microbe responsible for funk.

So what was the result?  In this case it was actually pretty special.  So much so that I bought it a second time…

…which is truly saying something because I had to get these things at Whole Foods, and find inventive ways to justify why I am giving Jeff Bezos $15 for a single bottle of beer.  Its that good. Get it before it’s gone.  Boulevard Saison Brett:  4.2/5.