I b’leve I might get my ass kicked for saying this, but I might have a case of the Mondays. As in, this day can go crawl up its own ass and die already. And this has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with the fact that I stayed up drinking beer and going down the YouTube rabbit hole way later than I should. You watch 10 clips with an average length of 20 minutes and ho-lee fuck! Its late and shit. So here’s your damn links. I’m going to take a nap.

Is secretly pink flying squirrels a euphemisim for anything? It sounds like something dirty.

Ms. Dolly Parton celebrated giving away her 100 MILLIONTH book to encourage families to read to their young children. That’s a hell of a great thing.

This just goes to show that there’s no minimum IQ for parenting.

Wow. Trump’s approval rating hits 52%. I’m not Mr. Trump’s biggest fan, but given that he’s opposing a group of socialist morons who think Venezuela just needed a more feminine touch, I wouldn’t be surprised if his approval hits 62% by November 2020. Serious question, how in the hell is PROG HARDER!!11! still getting 50% of the votes that get counted?

Suffer with me!