Hi, everyone. I hope each of you was one of the 40M predicted vacation/PTO/sick-outs from SuperMediocreBowl Sunday. I’m enjoying Meeting Monday. Let’s have another meeting to talk about what we’re going to do so generally that there isn’t any actionable decision made! Big thanks to Elspeth Flashman, STEVE SMITH, and Mexican Sharpshooter for picking up links last week. And Spud looks to working up to a regular work-in with his work this weekend. I’m digging the variety, but you just get my plain old meh effort. Congratulations, comrades!

So glad to here that the CDC has solved all of the serious problems around childhood health in America. Whyn’t’cha get on that syndrome you can’t even identify the transmission vector of that is paralyzing a couple hundred American children a year, and then get back to us about the fucking toothpaste problem?

I don’t think you get to bill your board members when they request supporting documentation. If someone did this to me on a board I was serving on, I would give them until the next board meeting to get me the documents and then the first item of new business would be termination with cause of everyone who participated in not delivering those documents, and if that got voted down, item two would be my resignation. Either the board is making the decisions and running the place or they are not. Someone has to go at that point. Me or them.

Hey look, floods bring crocs to neighborhood streets in Oz. Is this really news?

Growing unemployment in China? I’m eagerly awaiting Tom Friedman’s column on how properly empowered strongmen can solve this!