Geez, I’ve been busy.  This auction is kicking my ass and still 12 days to go before showtime. I doubt anybody will see me here for a few weeks after today, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I don’t even know what’s going on in the sports world really. I know Mickelson tried to play golf at what appeared to be midnight en route to winning (sometime this morning) Pebble Beach. And I know that Liverpool won but Man City steamrolled Chelsea in what should cost their manager his job. The AAC got started and from what I hear, people like what they are seeing. College basketball is a roller coaster this year. And I will have to watch more hockey to know what’s going on, although its apparent the Ducks suck since they just canned their coach.

When he wasn’t winning awards he was killing elephants.

Thomas Edison was born on this day. Sow as novelist and screenwriter Sidney Sheldon, actress Eva Gabor, funnyman Leslie Nielsen, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, legendary actor Burt Reynolds, JEB!, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Aniston (is 50!), and radio host Alex Jones.

Its also the day the following happened: Robert Fulton patented the steamboat, Ike was named commander of Allied European forces (to the chagrin of Monty), the Yalta Agreement was signed, the Ayatollah seized power in Iran, Weird Al recorded his first LP, Buster Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out in Tokyo and Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

OK, now the links!

May asks for yet more time to negotiate Brexit. Jesus, this is getting ridiculous.  Just walk away and tell the EU that they’re negotiating with a completely sovereign nation now. Its become the only way they’ll let you voluntarily leave their little socialist club and its also the only way the saboteurs in your own government will lose leverage.

What the shit is Executive Time anyway?  Actually, I don’t really give a shit. In fact, I wish every single elected and appointed government official would spend at least half of their schedule on “executive time”. It might mean they don’t have enough time to lord over my daily life and come up with more ways to steal what I’ve earned.

This is the face of hate…and progressives embrace it.

I know this is shocking, but Rep. Ilhan Omar appears to be an anti-Semite. Go read the tweet, btw…its full of Jewish leftists saying how they’re such big fans off hers but are disappointed in this.  Yeah, because this doesn’t mirror everything she’s publicly said about Israel for years.

I swear, I have never heard a song of hers, but Joy Villa has some balls. I won’t comment on her politics other than to say its nice that at least one person in the industry is standing up against the same of progressive stupidity and hypocrisy.

14 more to have charges dropped in Chicago because of scumbag cop Ronald Watts.  Good! Now I hope they sue the city for millions and win. (Sorry, taxpayers of Chicago who don’t continue to vote for the idiots that enable this police union. Its probably time to give up and get the hell out of there.)

Doesn’t anybody give him a hard time about the Dr Evil lazy eye? Nobody at all? Comedy is dead.

So it looks like the brother of Jeff Bezos’s mistress is the one who leaked his dick pics to the National Enquirer. Um, who shares dirty texts with their brother or sister? If she didn’t, he belongs in jail. If she did…weeeeeeird family dynamic going on there.

The Houston Chronicle did an exhaustive investigation into sex abuse at the Southern Baptist Church. The results are really bad. I mean really, really, really bad.

No idea why I picked this today. I know how polarizing he is. Maybe that’s why!

Anyway, have a great day out there, friends!