Welcome to the inaugural installment of Q’s Brain Toilet; a collection of vignettes designed to demonstrate the random thoughts that flutter in and out of the Hell that is my cranium. My aim is to amuse, inform and, primarily, to inflict upon you the excrement produced by my cerebrum; because misery loves company. If people like it, and it pleases the Overlords, maybe this can become a semi-regular feature? Maybe? In any case, on with the show!

Political Nihilism: Legitimate Philosophy or Cop-out?

We Glibs comprise a loose association of philosophically similar individuals who are by no means ideologically homogeneous. Some call themselves yokeltarians, others an-caps, still others Objectivists; it runs the gamut. While I have evolved over time from a more traditional Republican in my younger days to a card carrying LP member and then to a decidedly small-l libertarian, more recently I find myself landing on what I call Political Nihilism. In many ways, I’m still a run-of-the-mill libertarian; I zealously believe in the NAP as a guiding principle of political ethics, I consider the government to be an embodiment of violence and put primary focus on individual rights and liberty. I also love ass-sex (only with ladies, sorry guys). However, I’ve come around to the thought that no matter how many limitations you place on government it will, like water in a mountain stream, find ways around them. It might take a while, but it will happen. The Founders in the US did a pretty bang up job trying to decentralize power, limit government authority and emphasize individual freedom. We see how in just 240 years it’s been chipped down into a shadow of its former self and all indications are that it will be reduced to rubble in the short to medium term. I’ve said that the right amount of government is like the right amount of cancer, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that anarcho-capitalism would be the solution? Unfortunately, I think an-cap is just as utopian as communism. I think it quickly devolves into might-makes-right with no respect for individual liberty. Where does that leave us? Well, nothing works long term. But I suppose that’s expected; like Fight Club says, given a long enough timeline, everyone’s life expectancy goes to zero. It was fun while it lasted.

Female Ejaculation vs. Squirting

Any connoisseur of the finer erotic streaming sites (as I know you all are) has surely come across videos of women ecstatically expelling large amounts of fluid during orgasm. This is often termed “female ejaculation”. I’m here to relieve and correct you of your wrongitude. Female ejaculation is a milky white secretion emitted during orgasm from the Skene’s glands, sometimes (stupidly) called the female prostate. The amount is similar to male ejaculation (1 – 5 mL) and has a similar composition to semen (with no sperm, obviously). Squirting or gushing is what is typically portrayed in porn movies and is actually a type of orgasmic incontinence. A study performed bladder ultrasounds on women who regularly squirt. Their bladders were confirmed empty prior to masturbation, then reexamined at a level of high sexual excitement to find the bladder had rapidly filled up. After climax (and attendant Old Faithfulness), the bladder was confirmed empty again. Analysis of the fluid revealed a composition similar to highly dilute urine, but with a curiously higher fructose content. For those who haven’t accomplished/experienced this kind of fun before, here is a how-to guide (seriously, majorly, utterly NSFW; not kidding, do not click).

Womb Envy?

I’ve written pretty extensively (ad nauseum in fact) on what I see as the intrinsic differences between men and women (shameless self promotion). That long-winded piece does a pretty good job, I think, of summing up why more men are failing to launch, falling behind in school, professionally and generally in life. Misandry from feminist policy making aside, men don’t have to excel anymore to get laid. The supply of pussy went up and the price came down. It also outlines that women are generally dissatisfied with the dating landscape due to giving up their leverage on the sexual marketplace. However, what accounts for monotonically declining female happiness in a more general, existential sense? This again, I believe, is an unintended consequence of the Sexual Revolution. In spite of propaganda to the contrary, women have always been part of the workforce, it’s just that in bygone days that work was primarily done in the home. Try telling any mother that raising children, cleaning, preparing meals and generally keeping life from falling apart isn’t work and you’re likely to get an open palm across the face. Additionally, women may not have entered the workforce outside the home en masse until post-Sexual Revolution, but there were still a fair number who did work before. My great-grandmother for example, graduated from college in the ’20s and worked for Union County, New Mexico as a “domestic assistant”. Essentially this meant she traveled to country folk and taught them the basics of canning food, haberdashery, general domestic skills and basic personal finance. This profession is something that contemporary feminists would deride contemptuously, but I’d like to see them do any of those things. At any rate, it’s not the work itself that has made women unhappy, I fully support people (and that includes women) pursuing whatever goals they want. What has made them unhappy is that work, as defined by feminism, has not complemented domestic life, but supplanted it. For a man, if he’s lucky, he has a job he can tolerate. For a significant portion, it’s pointless and soul-sucking drudgery; only a tiny minority really love and feel passionate about work. What makes it worthwhile for a man is the fact that the drudgery is in service of a much greater project; the support and sustenance of hearth and home. That’s what makes him get up each morning and do things he’d rather not do. You see, men’s work has never been a substitute for domestic life, it’s an integral part of it. Creating and raising children is just about the only thing in existence that lies at the intersection of our biological, sexual, intellectual and spiritual natures. It is the primary purpose of our silly little lives at the most basic level. Feminists, thinking that male work was an end to itself, sold the idea to women that entering the workforce “like a man” would lead to more life satisfaction. They grievously misunderstood that working for a man has a higher purpose to the home and that work, in and of itself, is often not very satisfying. Women largely relegated domestic life to the back burner, if not chucking it altogether, thinking that career, money and professional power would provide happiness by itself. Unfortunately, this approach has largely failed. This is not to discourage women from working or encourage men to become Mr. Mom. There are a zillion different ways to skin a domestic cat. It’s a critique that, for the vast majority of humanity, child-rearing and family must take the central role in life for maximum happiness for both men and women, whatever else may have peripheral roles.


Well, that’s it for this pilot installment of Q’s Brain Toilet. If you want more, say so in the comments. Likewise, if you hate it and want me to crawl back under the rock from whence I came, say that. Or don’t read it and skip down to the comments. Whatever.