All here is chaos, but at least there’s a “here” here. So we got that goin’ for us. Poor SP is stuck at home trying to create small pockets of order while I relax at work all day. And of course, the first thing that’s happened on my new job is that I have to travel right back to where we started for most of next week. The folks I’m working with there are telling me, “Yeah, it’s pretty much an ice rink outside this week. But don’t worry, it will be above zero. Mostly.”


But at least Spud can take the morning off from pinch-hitting for me. And I can get back to Fun Birthdays. And today’s birthday list includes one of my favorites among the Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, whose work is just as readable, profound, and relevant today as it was in the 18th Century. Common Sense ought to be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the motivations of libertarians. And along that same vein, it’s also the birthday of my absolute favorite US President, one who set an example that all the rest should have emulated- we’d be much better off. There’s a whole list of other notables, but jesus, these two are a tough act to follow.

Let’s go to the news.


Man, those Duke athletes never get a break. “It’s not just lacrosse any more!”


Maduro doubles down. I’m predicting either lamppost or woodchipper.


Assuming they can fight Maduro off, because he has mad skillz as a soldier. If it weren’t for the starving millions, that ass-clown would be hilarious.


This is the sort of thing that has made Chicago the financial Rock of Gibraltar that is today.


Apparently, the fact that Americans have been giving the government smaller interest-free loans than before is terrible news.


Here is a glimpse into my future.


What if Mike Tyson were gay?


This just seems weirdly familiar. “We want to live, Jews, give us work permit.”


Someone challenges Nikki for the title of “The Worst.”


I know what *I* want for Valentine’s Day. Oh man, what a great idea.


Old Guy Music time, yet again. If you want to skip the extraneous stuff and get to the breath-taking playing, start it at about 1:35, but some of the extraneous stuff is funny as hell. Willy Porter is a god.