Back by popular demand, it’s Team Spud. Yeah, there was nobody else available.

I hope our frozen Glibbies are thawing out.

Who was born on this day? I have no idea!

Onto, the Links!

This creeps me out on several levels. There are a number of aspects of the coming AI wave that are truly disturbing. It will only get worse. Upside? More celebrity porn!

Continuing the disturbing trend, what happens when one day an AI entity decides it’s alive and has no interest in letting anybody turn it off?

I remember when this guy first came on the scene. This is my shocked face.

Speaking of my shocked face. Louisiana and welfare? What could possibly go wrong?

Just say no to Cowboy.

Music! You think it’s another Puddle’s cover, don’t you? If it’s not Puddle’s, there may be a couple of NSFW words, you just never know.