And irony of ironies, this afternoon I have to fly back to the frozen North for  week, sticking SP with unpacking and sorting duties. I will count myself lucky if I’m still married when I get back. Yesterday, we wandered into various venues in our new community and are in a bit of culture shock. Our last home in Illinois was in a heavily immigrant and second generation Mexican area. In Austin, we lived in a heavily Vietnamese neighborhood. Here, we are in the stereotypical Caucasia that people make fun of. At Lowe’s, no-one was named Jorge or DeAndre or Jose, every goddam worker there was named Cayden or Camryn or some shit like that. The spice section of the grocery store was 15 different brands of salt. The Wonder Dog is pure white, so she fits in just fine.

Today is February 10th, and the birthday that has me totally stoked is that of Claude-Louis Navier. But also, let us not forget the great Alan Hale, Sr., Jimmy Durante, Chick Webb, and the guy who was basically the house bassist at my favorite venue during my teen years, Rufus Reid.

On to the news.


Second Amendment under assault, and every right thinking individual thinks this is a good thing. No chance for abuse here, nossir.


In France, protesters continue to protest. When asked what they were protesting, they responded, “I dunno, whaddaya got?”


What the fuck kind of place have we moved to??? Hey, Michelle, let’s see them tiddies!


In Baltimore, murder is just fine, but don’t try trolling.


Actors love to pretend to be science experts. I have to admit that I don’t know many scientists who could act well, so there’s that.


Pot, meet kettle.








I’ve never heard of a state forcing businesses to remain open, but we live in weird times. Perhaps some important facts were left out? RC Dean, please comment.


And in Old Guy Music, some intersectionality. Birthday Boy Larry Adler playing a piece dedicated to our own Pie.