After a week of deluge, the sun broke through, and I managed to build up a bit of Vitamin D. Other than the time I wasted inside commenting here. And doing morning links.

It’s February 24th, and February 24th does not just bring any ordinary list of birthdays: today is the birthday of Abe Vigoda, who Yahweh-willing, will always be with us. Also whiner Joe Lieberman and singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked (whom SP and I saw live a few years back, just before she destroyed her own career by saying un-PC things- it was a GREAT show).

But you little mamzers are here to ignore the news, not to ignore my patter, so let’s bring it on.


“But it’s not REAL socialism!”


Rub and Tug Gate expands. Could this be a triggering event to get government out of morality policing? Nah.


Follow up to my link from yesterday. Feinstein feels the rage of the Left, who love to use kids as talking props.


Not that it matters, we’re all dooooooomed! It’s SCIENCE!


Adjacent Jew Haters surprised once again, using kids as target props. “Wait, they’re going to shoot back???” Of course, journalist being what they are, they can’t even get the age of the dead rioting kid consistent.


The latest fashionable threat to our precious bodily fluids.


Here’s a guy who knows how to do it right- when opportunity knocks, answer. It’s all racism, I’m sure.


Well, this is a step down from Nikki Haley in every possible way. But it is fun to see the panic.


TERRIFYING new warship! Hide under the bed!


Could the entire North Carolina legislature be illegitimate? This judge seems to think so. (h/t Lt Fish)


A Cessna 172 is hard to crash. But the youth of today never says never and presses on!


Old Guy Music, and an interesting remake of one of my favorite songs and my theme for today. Listening to this, I wanted to grab my flute and start playing along, but I figured that SP and Wonder Dog would not be amused at being awakened at this time of the morning…