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SP and I took a break yesterday from the rigors of setting up the new household and went for a stroll in the San Tan Mountains. “Enjoy it now, the furnace will be lit shortly.” Looking around, I couldn’t help but think that it was like living in a Krazy Kat cartoon, though no-one conked me with a brick. Back to it today, I’m afraid, but first I need to get Links going. And here they are.

Birthdays of note today include Wally “It’s Just This Once” Pipp; a guy whose argumentation style was so dishonest that he had it named after him, Duane “The Gallop” Gish; and all-around fun guy Huey “Kill Whitey” Newton.

On to the news.


Warty likes to say that we live in the best possible timeline. And stories like this are further evidence for his hypothesis. The best part was that the rope was bought at a place called The Crafty Beaver, which really ought to be a lesbian bar. And c’mon Jussie, if you’re going to do it right, take some lessons from the French.


Clark Griswold nods.


Social signaling really seems to be the trendy way to cut school these days. What I love best is some of the names: Orla Supple and Tallulah Guard.


And on that topic… Lurch Speaks. And poor Lurch is embarrassed. Awww. I really do enjoy being hectored by billionaires with private jets telling me I need to make sacrifices.


Where is Oliver Wendell Holmes when you need him? Ahhh, San Francisco, never change.


Florida Man says to San Francisco, “Hold mah beer!”


Homeland Security (and I love the irony of that cognomen) figures out a creative new way to waste the tax money mulcted from the citizenry.


“I’m not sitting next to a fucking three year old, I’ve been drinking all day!” Of course it’s a Florida Woman.


Not exactly news, but something delightful to read, and why Cal is my second-favorite president ever.  h/t dbleagle


The wonderful thing about Progressivism is the open-mindedness, tolerance, and absence of bigotry of its proponents.


There’s a Maxwell Smart joke in here somewhere.


There is absolutely no-one in this story who isn’t a stereotype. We really are living in the best possible timeline.


Old Guy Music, and this is a delightful piece played by a delightful guy who I really, really miss since leaving the frozen plains of northern Illinois. And yes, he plays all of the instruments here, banjo, violin, guitar, autoharp… Starts off introspectively, then all hell breaks loose.