Greetings sports fans!  Are you actually here, away from the festivities of a well known sporting event?

There are two kinds of posts, my friend. Those that have links, and those that do not. You have links.

Whatever the reason you are here and not watching.  Whether you are pulling for Tom Brady to lose his spleen, or counting down the seconds until you get to hear the wailing of LA sports fans after yet another purchased team loses to another team from Boston…or waiting on a comic book villain to level the field and hold the city of Atlanta hostage (that’s just me personally).

Then there are the number of you that are uninterested in sports, so we have some links for you.  Sort of.


For the sports fans… Trump doesn’t want his son playing football.  Which is fine, I don’t want my kids playing it either and lets face it, Baron strikes me as a weenie.

For you tweakers…In San Francisco, drug addicts outnumber high school students.  Which in fairness, you might be able to say that about a lot of cities.

For you seasteaders…there is a cask of whiskey floating in the Indian Ocean…get it before this guy.

For the nerdz….THERMITE COCKTAIL!!!!

For the conspiracy theorists…. “Anonymous” “donor” pays to “destroy” “evidence” of the Las Vegas “shooting.”