How now, Swiss Brown Cow?

The SMITHS were not answering the GlibPhone, and ZARDOZ had yesterday morning…so, looks like we are stuck with Swiss Links. Sorry, not as fun as, say… SEA SMITH NAUTICAL LINKS O’ RAPEY FUN…but they should serve, nonetheless.

And here are your links to get the day rolling:

  • Don Swissxote Update – Come see the violence inherent in the system! Catalonia Trial.

    We protest!


  • Somalia! Pirates! Lists! I am sure every swingin’ one o’ ye is going to read #10 and say “squandered?!” … well, I did.


  • ROADZ!  For a good laugh, read this and compare with reality. “We are dedicated to public service and strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.” HAHAHAHAHA!

    O Golden state!


  • And finally….A question I am sure we are all burning to find out the answer to…


Uh, go forth and FREE CASCADIA from the Brutals, or whatever.