Tues..day Aff…ternoon. Is that how the song goes? Somebody put AM gold in my head this morning and now its all a big ugly mess of shitty hair and soft-focus. How the Hell are you?

To move things forward about a decade, Aldi is selling 80s inspired cheeses. Its amazing to me how time condenses genres as long as they had sufficient radio airplay.

I want to thank our Glib contributor who pointed out that China is probably the reason the US is abandoning the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. And now France is flexing? Bruh. Just… Don’t. Your embarrassing everyone.

I don’t know about saving me from suicidal ideation, but the only time I really felt like I understood Apocalypse Now was on a slide into the k hole. Who knew that all those years in my early 20s I was pursuing potentially effective medicinal cures? Certainly I did not.

US Army prepares to invade LA!

Can’t understand why Aldi didn’t pick this band. The very definition of trying too hard.