Good morning my Glibs and Glibarinas!  And what a glorious day it is for those who have been looking forward to the State of the Union Address.  I, personally, would prefer a Trump Spectacular with dancing girls in judges robes and fireworks.



Speaking of judges, turns out the Democrats were not attempting a Weekend and Bernie’s as Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her first public appearance yesterday since having surgery.


Senate Democrats attempt to thwart Trump’s most likely next move in getting the Wall via emergency declaration.


Colorado Man kills mountain lion with bare hands.







Gavin McInnes is suing the SPLC for defamation.


Speaking of defamation lawsuits.


Baby shark, doo, doo, doo doo


Whoops indeed.


That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.