The Tiny Terror (my 3 year old, not the one in my pants) wanted to have a 1am party. Took about an hour to get him settled down, then he was up again at 5am. I’m basically less functional than a zombie at this point of the day. Here, have some links.

The US Supreme Court seems to have indicated that civil forfeiture of a value greater than the maximum fine for the crime of which a person has been convicted is unconstitutional. It does not appear to me, not a lawyer, that the decision addresses whether or not a person must be convicted of a crime before such proceedings can be undertaken.

Looks like Andy McCabe might have spoiled the party for the Collusionists. It looks like Mueller may be issuing his report next week. The skeptic in me says that this is because the FBI has decided that they do not want any further attention on their behavior in the 2016-2017 timeframe.

Apparently teh gheyz not only infiltrated The Vatican, they run it like a shadowy cabal of Italian merchant families. Hey guys, take it from this lapsed Catholic: YOU were in charge of making sure children weren’t raped and abused. I don’t give a fuck about your sexuality because THE ENTIRE POINT OF TAKING THE VOW OF CHASTITY IS TO SUBSUME YOUR SEXUAL IDENTITY TO THE SERVICE OF THE CHURCH. It doesn’t matter if priests were raping boys or girls. Whatever good individual priests and nuns do (and I still believe there are a lot of them honoring their vows and doing good deeds in the service of the least among us), the Church itself is entirely rotten at this point.

Looks like Bernie can afford himself a 4th house.

After a rant like that, I guess I’m gonna go to Hell.