Good morning my misanthropic malcontents! And what a glorious morning it is for Donald J. Trump who gave a speech that even his critics (as in almost the entire mainstream media) were forced to admit was good.  Well, maybe not all admitted it, many seem to be prepared to trash him regardless of what he said.


Caption Contest!


The SOTU had it all including Trump getting a group scowl from the shrieking harpy democrat brigade all dressed in white and scowling through most of the speech with a look on their face like they were huffing the farts of one of their fellow harpies. Trump managed to get them to stand up and clap as Trump recognized them (the most women ever in Congress) and recognized the highest amount of women to ever be in the work force.  He even got the miserable lot to chant USA.  Another great scowl came from Bernie Sanders after Trump slammed socialism and declared that the US will never be a socialist country.




In not SOTU news, Senator Grassley is expecting Mueller’s report in one month.  Many refuse to let go of hope that Mueller still has the smoking gun to take out Bad Orange Man.


Fauxcahontas’ fall from grace still not over yet.


This made me laugh.


I probably could keep going on, but it is past 7am and I need to get my girls ready for the day.  I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.