The magnificent SP is unavailable this evening, so you’ll just have to make do with me!

Finally, some benefit to veganism… Wait a second…

Well, how about a palate cleanser after that one? I can’t tell you how many Super Bowl parties I’ve been to where fights broke out over the last bowl of lentil soup

Maybe let’s move away from food.

“In 1944 at the height of WWII, the top tax rate was 94% for those making over $2.6 million. In the face of the existential threat of climate change, shouldn’t we ask the wealthiest among us to contribute a little more?” Apparently, 70, 80, or 90% tax rates are “a good place to start.” Sorry for the cancer, glibs.

Bold move, Cotton. I’m sure this will be well received by the typical Super Bowl watching sportsfan.

Gather your pearls and fainting couches. And maybe a huge grain of salt before you tackle this one. “In a normal, sane world, where the judicial process functions as it was designed to function, there would be only one, obvious answer to such a question, and one, obvious outcome.” So if you disagree, you’re obviously a sexist jerk, or something.

I’ll conclude these links with a little justice, finally.