Just a brief departure from the usual format. First I’ll go over the signs, then show how I applied this SCIENCE! to ensure that I had the best day at the range yet.

Just a couple of alignments to look at this week.  First, Saturn-Venus-Sol can translate literally into “Happy Ending” and also good luck for women named Electra.  Outdoor grilling will benefit.  Jupiter-Luna-Terra indicates a shift in your baseline level of happiness.  While this is bad news if you’re currently doing pretty OK, there are some mitigating aspects indicating a general increase in prosperity with this — so a “mo’ problems, mo’ money” kind of situation.

Happy goating to all the Aries out there.  It’s not going to be all peachy though, as someone is going to be jealous of your success.  Feel free to tell them to suck it.  You’ll want to because Taurus still has Mars trying to aggravate it into doing something stupid; but this should be the last week for that, leading to next week being significantly more chill.  Jumping across that huge gap of empty sky, we find Jupiter still in Sagittarius, which is pretty boring when finding something to say about it, but is still a really benevolent arrangement.  One sign over, we have the equally boring (but this time non-benevolent) Saturn in Capricorn.  Finally, Mercury is going forward again and joins Venus in Pisces.  Great for those looking for random hookups.

Now, how did I apply this knowledge?  Well, first of all Mercury has gone to direct motion so random errors were minimized.  Mars in Taurus encourages  patience and consistency in martial endeavors, so I spent some time every day figuring out where my errors were in pulling the trigger on my M9.  Jupiter (rulership, control, law) in Sagittarius (marksmanship) told me to dry-fire practice daily and to do things “by the book.”  Saturn in Capricorn told me not to overthink things and focus on the (curved, like Chronus’ sickle) trigger.  The end result? A perfect 100/100 with my CZ and an improvement from 22/100 to 93/100 with the Beretta.  See?  SCIENCE!

As to what’s in the cards,

Aries:  9 of Coins – Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment

Taurus:  The Hermit, reversed – Concealment, policy, fear

Gemini:  The Chariot, reversed – Car trouble, riot, dispute, litigation

Cancer:  7 of Wands – Courage, success by strategy

Leo:  8 of Swords, reversed – Disquiet, accident, difficulty, treachery, the unforeseen.

Virgo:  Temperance – Frugality, moderation, economy.

Libra:  Knight of Swords – Skill, bravery, destruction, war, ruin, wrath, defense, resistance

Scorpio: 2 of Swords, reversed – Falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty

Sagittarius:  The Emperor, reversed – Benevolence, immaturity, confusion to enemies, credit

Capricorn:  Page of Swords – vigilance, spying, detective work, a weasely bastard on your side.

Aquarius:  7 of Cups – “Fairy favors,” imagination, sentiment, transitory success, significant choice to be made

Pisces:  6 of Wands – Hope realized, good news, victory