I ain’t gonna lie:  these next two columns might not be the best divinations I’ve ever generated.  Insomnia has been kicking my ass, then between this one and the next I’ll be dealing with the horrors of air travel.  On the plus side, I’ll get to spend time with family, friends, lovers (one of whom just got dumped by her boyfriend this week!) and their respective dogs, so that’s pretty awesome.

Also, let me apologize for never actually including the music for Pisces. There you go.

Lots of alignments this week.  Terra-Luna-Jupiter = A change in home rulership/ownership.  Maybe political, maybe personal, as there is also Saturn-Venus-Luna = “ending of a relationship.”  There will be a woman involved.  And with Mercury-Saturn-Sol = “news of an ending,” if this DOES portend your relationship splitting up and someone moving out, then rest assured, EVERYONE is going to know about it.  Immediately.  The last alignment is good luck for fighting folk as Jupiter is aligned with the Sun and Mars.  Yes, “Jupiter aligned with Mars” is most assuredly NOT sign of peace, love, and hippiness.

This is a pretty cisgendernormative week.  Mars is in Taurus, so we have masculine-masculine and on the other side, we have the moon and Venus in Aquarius, so triple feminine.    In addition, we have Saturn in Capricorn which is literally “bad luck to sea-goats” which naturally extends to any sort of Tiresias-esque hybrid thingies.  This is further solidified by Sagittarius in Jupiter benefitting those people who are doing what they are “supposed” to do.  So get with those society-mandated gender roles, people!  NOTE:  This is an excellent week to verify how good I am.  If the ratings drop for drag shows with these celestial arrangements, it will be proof positive that astrology is a SCIENCE! The only really new thing is Mercury joining the Sun in Pisces, so extra good luck for Pisces, and for the rest of us, your luck will be extremely unstable, don’t count on it.

Now the cards:

Pisces:  Queen of Swords, reversed – Malice, bigotry, prudery, deceit.

Aries:  The Star – Loss, theft, Privation, hope for the future

Taurus:  9 of Cups – Concord, satisfaction with your surroundings

Gemini:  King of Swords – Power, authority

Cancer:  10 of Cups – Contentment, perfection, loyal subordinate

Leo:  6 of Coins, reversed – Desire, envy, jealousy, illusion

Virgo:  The Chariot – Succor, providence, war, triumph, trouble

Libra:  The Empress, reversed – Light, truth, unraveling of complexity

Scorpio:  King of Cups – Fair man, professional, professor, someone in your debt

Sagittarius:  2 of Wands – “No marriage possible,”  ambivalence, success not bringing fulfillment, ambition

Capricorn:  Ace of Wands, reversed – Fall, decadence, ruin.  You also get this one next week. Sorry.

Aquarius:  Death – Usually readers will tell you “death” means “change.”  Which is kind of does since death is a change from being alive.  But yeah, it means Death, ruin, destruction.  I mean look at it!  It’s a goddamned black-armored skull-headed knight riding a pale horse!  But sure it can also just mean “ending.”  It also means “politicians are evil,” as the figure is prominently displaying a Tudor rose.