Well, it’s that time of year again. My wife took my daughter to sojourn in Dallas with her family, so that’s when I usually do a bunch of updates to Monocle!



However there are some things that you should know about Monocle to make your experience suck less. First, there are two variants of Monocle. Monocle Classic still exists, but I haven’t touched it in a year. If you like your Monocle, you can keep your Monocle, but you’re gonna be left in the dust as new features come along.

All of the cool updates are happening in Monocle Eyepiece, which is computer AND mobile friendly! Eyepiece is what I use every day when I visit Glibs, and it has recently become even better.

Like always, both Monocle Classic and Monocle Eyepiece are available with install instructions here.


Here are some of the features available in Eyepiece:

  • Dynamic comment loading – Every 45 seconds, Eyepiece checks whether there are any new comments and loads them into the page.
  • Next Unread Comment The number button tells you how many unread comments are on the page and lets you cycle through them with just a click.
  • Mark Comments Read – Clear the unread comments to get ready to read the next batch of Glib insight.
  • Hide/Show Old Comments During one of the Glib pushes to 1000 comments, it can be annoying to have to scroll through reams of old threads. With one click, it all goes away! Hide Old Comments removes any threads that don’t have new comments in them, but preserves the context of the new conversations so that you can still tell what’s going on.
  • Comment Formatting Buttons Never SF a link again! Your tags will be closed and your links will be clickable when you use the comment formatting buttons.
  • TopHat+ Comment Preview With Link Checking It used to be that you had to guess whether your formatting of your comments was correct. Then lafe.long published TopHat, the comment previewer. Now, Eyepiece has gone even further with TopHat+ dynamic comment previewer. But wait, there’s more! Now Eyepiece will detect whether you’re posting a duplicate link to a thread and will notify you whenever you’re in danger of the ultimate Glib faux pas!
  • FOS-inspired User Mute – Whether you’re sick of that asshole, or you just can’t today, one click hides all the comments from a certain user so that your blood pressure returns to normal.

As always, let me know if there are any bugs or feature requests.