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In your face Heritage Foundation!

Drake, dear.  I left half a box of Summer’s Eve in the back of your car.  If you can be a peach and can drop it off later.  KThxBi!

Lets start here.

That’s a shameful line of argument. In fact, whenever you see someone invoking Venezuela as a reason not to consider progressive policy ideas, you know right away that the person in question is uninformed, dishonest, or both. It basically shows that the speaker or writer isn’t willing to engage in serious discussion, preferring to scare people with a boogeyman of which he or she knows nothing.

I was working in Jersey once when a group of sailors stopped by the brothel I was working at tha time. My Madam said not to reuse the condom, we’ll all get the clap that way.  I didn’t believe that the first time.  Let me tell you something, we all got the clap after that.

The next time soomebody says, thats how you get the clap…you might just get the clap.

But what, exactly, does any of this have to do with the policy ideas of Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris, or even a genuine radical like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Is anyone in U.S. politics, even those who call themselves socialists, proposing that we nationalize large parts of the private sector? Is there anything in the record of U.S. progressives suggesting that they are less fiscally responsible than the people who keep using voodoo economics to push massive tax cuts for the rich?

I wouldn’t trust any of these broads you mentioned to run a brothel.  Everybody would get the clap.

Maybe you disagree with all these policy ideas. But if your first response, literally, is to scream “Venezuela,” you’re demonstrating both your unscrupulousness and your lack of any serious arguments for your position.

I don’t lack serious arguments.  You lack serious arguments.  VENEZUELA!!!! VENEZUELA!!! VENEZUELA!!!

But from now on, here’s my rule: anyone who tries to use Venezuela as a cudgel in U.S. political debate doesn’t deserve to be part of that debate.

Of course its relevant!  I can’t even get a job in Venezuela you punk bitch.  I hope Venezuela’s giant, wet snatch is rubbed in your face from now until the end of fucking time.