Gather ‘round children, it’s time for another exciting installment of Q’s brain toilet!  It may be snowy and cold outside, but my tortured neurons are just getting warmed up.  So let’s jump right in.

MGTOW: Pathetic Losers, Misogynists or Canaries in the Coal Mine?

First off, MGTOW is something I could never do.  There’s no way I could live without nourishing my soul by drinking from the well of feminine soft sweetness.  Sure, there are plenty of crazy bitches out there (just as there are plenty of imbalanced doods), but after a certain age and experience level, I’d like to think that a person can get better at spotting the true nutballs and avoiding them.  And if you get fooled and roped in by one… oh well, shit happens.  You play, you pay (another one of my personal mottoes).  

However, I will say that I would consider myself a MGTOW sympathizer on some level.  After watching several videos produced by self-proclaimed MGTOW, I would say that the majority of them are making a rational, thoughtful choice based on a personal cost-benefit analysis.  Feminism, the Pill and openly misandric family courts have upended male and female relations to such an extent that, at least until people truly adapt to the situation (probably in a few generations), I can understand how a man would come to the rational conclusion that opting out is the safest and most reasonable course of action.  The rub here is that maximizing safety is not always the best way to go through life, and there are plenty of people who think that the only reason these guys “go MGTOW” is that they can’t get a girl anyway so they cover up their inadequacy by claiming that it’s a choice (hence the “pathetic loser” label).  There also are some genuine misogynists in the community, though I would say that the vast majority of apparent woman-haters have been legitimately screwed over by a specific woman or set of women and make a category error of ascribing evil motives to all women.  I will say that I think the problem will get worse before it gets better (if it ever does) and many men will take a MGTOW-like path even if they don’t formally ascribe to the philosophy.  So in answer to the question, MGTOW are all of the above.

One final point addressing criticism of the group that they gather online to constantly talk about women.  If you’re walking away from opposite sex relations, then why obsessively talk about them all the time?  My theory on that is MGTOW primarily acts like a support group for men in recovery.  The desire for sex, love and companionship is so fundamental that consciously choosing to walk away from it is extremely difficult and daunting; akin to an alcoholic walking away from alcohol, but from a healthy, even stronger, drive.  Therefore, MGTOW groups are like AA meetings and one could make the same criticism; if these AA people are trying to quit drinking, why do they talk about it so much?

Supplements Galore!

As many of you may have surmised, I am a great proponent of better living through chemistry.  Capitalism and human innovation has provided us with a cornucopia of options to enhance, modify and optimize our physical and mental abilities, so why wouldn’t you take advantage.  This section will focus on my favorite OTC supplements.  Future Brain Toilets may touch on prescriptions, but I’m not sure about liability in that case and would need to confer with the Overlords (if you’re feeling bold, go here for your favorite prescription meds).

Yohimbine: I relentlessly evangelize for this, but only because I’m a true believer in its amazing sexual powers.  If I’m anticipating a particularly boisterous bedroom session, I’ll pop a capsule an hour before, then break open another one about 20 minutes before and take about half sublingually.  PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra may help the flag get to full staff, but Yohimbine will make the big finish so explosive that it’s like unleashing a tsunami.  You may just feel like passing out and your partner(s) will be greatly impressed by the increased volume of “output”.  Women can get in on the fun too as it’s been reported to me it turned her into an “orgasm machine”.  Side effects  at high doses can be uncomfortable (racing heart, sweats, chills, anxiety) so start slow.

Diphenhydramine: AKA Benadryl.  Sticking with the sexual side of things, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from premature ejaculation (or you just feel like having an extra long session), popping a Benadryl about 30 minutes will effectively delay climax and give you more control over when it happens.  Side effects are well known, so unless you want to be falling asleep on her instead of servicing her, tread lightly.

DHEA: This is a testosterone precursor that is (inexplicably) legal and OTC.  If you like it, I’d stockpile it before the DEA decides it’s eeeeeeeevul and poleaxes it.  This basically works like a kinder, gentler anabolic steroid.  Good for weight loss, increased muscle mass/gym performance and even elevating mood.  Women get all these benefits plus a raging libido and a “magic vagina”.  Taking too much has similar side effects to steroids; acne, mood swings and possibly lowered fertility.  Don’t take it longer than 4 weeks at a time without a 2 week break.

5-HTP: This is a chemical precursor to Serotonin so at higher doses it can work on depression in a similar way to an SSRI, but with a completely different mechanism of action.  At lower doses, it just promotes relaxation.  This can be serious stuff though, so I’d recommend asking your doctor before taking it (especially if you’re already on antidepressants).

Commieball 101

As a preface, I can completely understand why some people think soccer is boring, especially if you don’t watch it much and aren’t familiar with the strategy.  It’s low-scoring, can be (apparently) slow and doesn’t have the rigid structure of more traditionally American sports.  This isn’t trying to convince anyone to watch it, just explain why I love it and it’s played such a big part in my life.

To my eyes, the moniker “beautiful game”, clichéd as it may be, is entirely accurate.  I believe it is the sport that most closely mirrors life itself in all its beauty.  There can be stretches of boredom and torpidity (though I like to think of these stretches as deliberation) but they are always punctuated by bursts of excitement, speed and energy.  While the object is definitely to score, it’s not the centerpiece of the joy in watching.  It’s about the strategy, teamwork and skill.  The journey is more important in many ways than the destination and the free-flow lack of structure gives great freedom to players.  An individual contributor can have an effect on a game, but one star player is never enough to win single-handedly without support from his family (team).  Similarly, team cohesion almost always beats individual skill and flashiness.  On a practical level, the amount of conditioning and stamina required is monumental with the average professional running 7 miles each game, much of that sprinting.  In high school, we practiced on a field right next to the football team and always chuckled at their “conditioning training” which consisted of running 50 yards then taking a 5 minute break.  Boxing Day is one of my favorite days of the year in which I can rise early, head to a bar and drink beer and watch the Premiership all day long.

That’s All Folks!

Another installment of Q’s Brain Toilet is on the books, hope you enjoyed it.  It’s like a wart, it’ll just keep coming back until someone freezes or cauterizes me.