And where is Brett? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s busy at the Happy Lotus Full Release Asian Massage down at the strip mall. Apparently, he’s not Going His Own Way. Fella at the next table is wearing a blue shirt with a white collar…

But you aren’t here to hear about Brett’s tug-job, you want links. So… here’s some links.


The comedy continues with Team Blue.


The comedy continues with Team Red.


The comedy continues with Equipe Jaune.


One more reason I will never, ever cast a vote for Trump.


I was right this morning when I proclaimed Heathrow as the most horrible airport in the world.




Should I be turned on by old fat Jewish guys?


I can almost smell the lawsuits…


Here’s our local outrage. Sigh. Red For Ed apparently doesn’t mean Team Red.



And of course there has to be Old Guy Music, and consistent with my latest kick, it’s the late, great Milt Buckner once again. This song oughta perk you up. Damn that guy knew how to play piano.



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