What’s shakin’ today? I’m tired and I want to take a nap. Will I get one? Signs point to no. I found out today that no matter how annoyed you are at your wife sleeping in and leaving you to handle all the kid stuff in the morning, one wrong way to accept her apology is: “You gonna be sorry every week?” I should probably buy her some flowers or wine.

Inevitably, every time something bad happens to a group of Muslims, someone is gonna blame the Mossad.

Oklahoma gets $270M from maker of OxyContin. States are going to get a bunch of money. But not actually prohibit anyone from using it.

Is Australia the Antipodean Florida, or is Florida the Northern Australia? Now we just need to import the snakes that eat the cane toads… I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before.

Robot authors? They’re already in what passes for the sci-fi market today.

We live in an incredibly rich society when you can get a seeing-eye dog for your dog.

Throwback Tuesday?