Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, SEA SMITH reminds me that I have links duty this afternoon. So although I could be at the beach, I’m here with you. Don’t want no bloody chocolate starfish.

$38M for 186 arrests. About what you’d expect from government work. Can’t decide if I’m more pissed off that forensics labs claimed poverty for shit that several of my friends did as HS interns back in the 90s, or that after 52,000 tests they had a 1/3 of 1% conversion rate.

Florida Cop used Federal database to find women. I wonder how he opened that. “Listen, you really need to pay that parking ticket from Spring Break in ’05.”

Damn, Florida (schizophrenic) Man came up if his first arrest was as a no-known-address and his last one is the Hilton on Clearwater Beach.

I wish I could give this the SugarFree treatment it deserves. I would have the Warren-Biden feud arise from her being the one woman he hasn’t done his “Creepy Hands” on. And then, she even offered to settle for a ride in his bitchin’ Trans-Am, but he told her she’d ruin the vinyl.

Its hard times for the Glibertarian Overlords. Where are you, Chuck Norris, when we need you?