Well, after successfully avoiding the, er, SMITH Reprisals yesterday, I’m to be sentenced to a lifetime of link slavery at the hands of ZARDOZ. I feel like tweaker who just walked into his favorite IHOP during a police breakfast. Is anyone else unsure of how a giant flying stone head that thinks the penis is evil gets along with cryptids whose defining characteristics are (1) having a penis and (2) using it without mercy? I mean, sure, they let him crash on the couch during his recovery, but… whoops, dudes with red diapers and bad attitudes inbound, its time I was linkin’.

School shooting in Brazil blamed on not-yet-enacted laxer gun ownership laws. You only think I’m kidding.

Time is occasionally reversible for up to 3 quantum bits. Or something. Science is hard, and I don’t pretend to understand much of this besides the odds of them accidentally recreating the exact state more than once is essentially impossible by random chance, so they must have actually done something difficult.

Nature (the journal) thinks there should be a moratorium on heritable gene editing. And here I thought eugenics was discredited.

Holy shit, its a dire wolf! I’ll bet he’s a good boy, but I don’t want to play tug-of-war with him.

It might be time to Panic.