Celebrate the new order of things here at Glibs.

Monday Mornings, we are trying to give Banjos a bit of a break. Thus you will be seeing Links of Me. Links of Mine. My Links. Whichever. OMWC will be taking Fridays, so steel yourself for that.

So, befitting my oft times minimalist style – here are your Links for Monday, April 22, Anno Domini two thousand and nineteen.

  • Um….wut? That almost compares to “Franco and Mussolini form joint peacekeeping force”.
  • Um…who? We’ve gone from clown car to the short bus. Lets see if they can get to 25…30 declared candidates.
  • BACK THE BLUE! CPD has another shining moment of glory. “Alcohol may have also been a factor.” NO WAY!!!?
  • Stay classy, MSNBC. Maybe wait until he is at brunch, then shove your way over to his table.
  • I shan’t have tears enough to shed for these poor, unfortunate souls. Oh, wait…I meant I am laughing quite hard. Now, go out and campaign for moar socialisms.

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