The column where he admits he was wrong……not.

So here’s the link boys don’t be shy…

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has appointed a lot of partisan, unqualified hacks to key policy positions. A few months ago my colleague Gail Collins asked readers to help her select Trump’s worst cabinet member. It was a hard choice, because there were so many qualified applicants.

The winner, by the way, was Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary. That looks like an even better call now: Ross’s department has reportedly prepared a report declaring that imports of European cars threaten U.S. national security. This is both ludicrous and dangerous. It gives Trump the right to start a new phase in his trade war that would inflict severe economic damage while alienating our allies — and, as a result, undermine national security.

So he links to a Politico article that explains the Trump administration is considering levying a 25% tariff on cars imported from Europe.  This is not without consequences but he seems to think Trump is doing it out of sheer lunacy.

Nah, chances are pretty good it is a play to his base.  Trump cites luxury cars made in Germany, Mercedes-Benz specifically.  Now a tariff on foreign imports might benefit domestic manufacturers, and the workers that build them.  Where do domestic auto companies build cars, again?  Now, Mercedes-Benz has a plant in Alabama because it is already more cost effective for them to build cars here for the North American market.  A tariff is ultimately going to be paid by the consumer which would make a base S-Class ($91,250) something around $114,062.  Can the market sustain that?  Maybe, but I bet they consider retooling and building the S-Class with its big luxurious, leather clad, climate controlled back seat…here in America.  They do that more jobs open up in Alabama, which is smack in the middle of Trump country.

About Moore: It goes almost without saying that he has been wrong about everything. I don’t mean the occasional bad call, which all of us make. I mean a track record that includes predicting that George W. Bush’s policies would produce a magnificent boom, Barack Obama’s policies would lead to runaway inflation, tax cuts in Kansas would produce a “near immediate” boost to the state’s economy, and much more. And, of course, never an acknowledgment of error or reflection on why he got it wrong.

Because you have never been wrong, no way no how.  Even where you admit you were wrong, you link a previous article where you link to yet another article where you retract your infamous statement that markets would never recover from Trump’s election.

So conservatives could, if they wanted, turn for advice to highly partisan economists with at least some idea of what they’re doing. Yet these economists, despite what often seem like pathetic attempts to curry favor with politicians, are routinely passed over for key positions, which go to almost surreally unqualified figures like Moore or Larry Kudlow, the Trump administration’s chief economist.

Many people have described the Trump administration as a kakistocracy — rule by the worst — which it is. But it’s also a hackistocracy — rule by the ignorant and incompetent. And in this Trump is just following standard G.O.P. practice.

Why do hacks rule on the right? It may simply be that a party of apparatchiks feels uncomfortable with people who have any real expertise or independent reputation, no matter how loyal they may seem. After all, you never know when they might take a stand on principle.

Your syphilis called.  It wants you to know it thinks your genital warts are disgusting.

Even now — as I can attest from personal interactions — a great majority of those working for the Treasury Department, the State Department and so on are competent, hard-working people trying to do the best they can for their country.

But as top jobs systematically go to hacks, there is an inevitable process of corrosion. We’re already seeing a degradation of the way our government responds to things like natural disasters. Well, there will be more and bigger disasters ahead. And the people in charge of dealing with those disasters will be the worst of the worst.

What’s the difference?  This political class is the biggest group of cum-dumpsters I’ve seen in a long time.  Your problem is you’re used them fixing their hair, freshening up, and leading you to believe they at least change their panties between customers.  They don’t.  They are all a bunch of filthy, naked whores, and its better we all see it.