While the goyim are out, the Jews and Italians are practicing their own brand of carpentry with hammers and nails. I’m the mirror image of the Shabbos Goy, filling in where the Catholics are too busy eating crackers and drinking wine, or whatever the fuck they do.

Anecdote from my childhood: my paternal grandfather used to have a weekly poker game. He and his buddies would play cards, smoke cigars, and lapse into Yiddish when they wanted to say something not suitable for my ears (which was useless since I understood Yiddish quite well). One of the guys was Uncle Marvin- not actually my uncle, but all the poker guys were “Uncle.” Uncle Marvin was one of the younger guys, relatively, and was always quite dapper and charming. Anyway, years later, when Spiro Agnew became Vice President, Uncle Marvin became governor of Maryland (“The Cradle of Graft”). During his term, my parents went over to Israel for a tour, and whenever someone would ask them where they were from and they’d respond, “Maryland,” invariably the reaction was, “Oh, you guys have that Jewish governor who’s sleeping with a shiksa.” Everyone seemed to know this. This was puzzling to them, since he was married to a Jewess named Bootsie, and there was no hint of a scandal of that sort. Fast forward a year, suddenly the news breaks that Uncle Marvin was indeed banging a shiksa on the side, whereupon Bootsie locked him out of the governor’s mansion and held it hostage until he could pay her off. For the next several years, he jumped into more dangerous but more lucrative cons and scams to keep funds flowing to Bootsie The Scorned. And inevitably, he got caught and unlike Agnew, actually had to go to jail. Maryland politics at it’s best, and an interesting insight into the Jewish Telegraph that is Israel. So…. Happy Birthday to Governor Marvin Mandel.



Please please please please please please! OMG that will be so entertaining!


Spin Cycle on “full.”


This is why I hate cops. Even the not-guilty ones are happy to circle the wagons to defend the dirtbags and incompetents.


Chicago yoots.


I can’t imagine why people are fleeing that state.


There is no escape from the slavers.


None of the guilty will pay or suffer in any way. Welcome to Public Employee Unions.


Expect this to become a progressive cause celebre


Really, this is better than Green Acres.


OK, which of you is this?


Yertle has his top priorities lined up. Jesus, Team Red, you guys are morons.


After seeing the photos in this article, I’m going to have nightmares.


Old Guy Music and indeed it’s a beautiful day.