The new feature in the sky is Jupiter going retrograde.  So government is going to be even worse — more incompetent and more abusive — than usual.  Of course this is only temporary until *traces line with finger holds up ruler* Holy fuck, August 11?  Well shit.  This is another reason why less government is a good idea; it minimizes the effects of Jupiter Retrograde.

Jupiter Retrograde plays a part in this week’s alignments, being aligned with the Earth and the Moon yielding a nominal value of “disruptive misrule at home.”  Unfortunately, this is also in a lunar resonance with a second alignment with Mercury and Venus.  That secondary one ordinarily would mean a good chance for a random hookup, but in this case indicates that you are going to do something stupid and nookie will be withheld as a result.  I hope your couch is comfortable.

Aries continues to be in the lead.  The natural order is maintained, but nothing terribly special

Pisces, on the other hand, is having a surge rebound from the shitty month they had in March, with a particularly auspicious arrangement of Mercury and Venus.  Yes, that same one as above, but in this context is leaning very heavily in the “short term interactions yield good results” direction.

Mars in Gemini continues the internecine strife.

The moon in Leo is not a terribly good sign.  I mean it’s not bad, but there’s the whole fire/water conflict and whatnot.  I think in this case, since it’s occurring during a time of Jupiter retrograde, it indicates a further undermining of leadership/authority.

If you’re a good person, this is bad; if you’re a bad person, this is good:  Jupiter going retrograde in Sagittarius indicates that karma is going to miss its target.  It also portends badly for my trip to the range.


This week’s card draw lead off with one with zodiacal symbols on it, indicating a particular accuracy for this week.  Which is unfortunate.

Aries:  9 of Swords – Despair, grief, mourning.

Taurus:  7 of Coins, reversed – Anxiety about money

Gemini:  4 of Coins, reversed – Suspense, delay, opposition

Leo:  Strength – Booya!

Virgo:  King of Coins – Valor, realizing intelligence, success in mathematical and intellectual endeavors

Libra:  8 or Wands, reversed – Jealousy, quarrels, stingings of conscience.

Scorpio:  The Hermit – Prudence, roguery, corruption, treason

Sagittarius:  9 of Coins, reversed – Roguery, deception, voided project, bad faith

Capricorn:  The Moon – Hidden enemies, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, error

Aquarius:  5 of Swords – Degradation, dishonor, loss, infamy, destruction

Pisces:  2 of Wands, reversed – Surprise, emotion, fear, trouble


P.S. Cancer: Knight of Wands – Departure, absence, flight. A dark young man. Change of residence.