Alignments:  Two (2) As follows–

     Venus-Mercury-Luna: “News of changing love.”  Does not apply to lesbians.  Does apply doubly to Pisces.  May or may not apply to lesbian Pisces.  Indications of additional male partners likely.

     Jupiter-Mercury-Sol: Significant political happenings.  Not an assassination.  Not a war.  Not peace talks.  Possibly a sporting event.  If a sporting event, most likely basketball or buzkashi.  Or maybe bass fishing.

Planetary visitations: Six (6) of which two (2) are the same as they have been for months.  Of the four (4) that are neither Jupiter in Sagittarius or Saturn in Capricorn–

     The Sun in Aries –  This means you get theme music this week.

     The moon in Taurus – a contradiction as the moon is a change sign and Taurus is stability.  Also not a contradiction, as the moon in nits crescent shape resembles the horns of a bull.  Being a contradiction and not a contradiction is contradictory.  Expect contradictions and horny bulls.

     Mars is Pisces – Brother fighting brother.  Turmoil in family life.

     Mercury and Venus in Pisces – Young love, new life, first fruits.

As for the cards, this week it looks like it’s all going to be at 6’s and 7’s.  Financial reversals (literally, all the coin cards were drawn reversed).  Otherwise, big things will be happening with three Kings drawn consecutively, and it will close out on a satisfactory note with the perfect/complete 10’s flanking The Magician (which is classically used as a stand-in for the querent) indicating that you will be in control at the end.

  • Aries:  6 of Wands – Triumph, celebration, good news, parades
  • Taurus:  6 of Cups, reversed – spoilage, events occurring ahead of schedule
  • Gemini:  King of Coins, reversed – Vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, peril
  • Cancer:  King of Wands – Friendly dark man, an honest and conscientious person, a father
  • Leo:  King of Cups – Friendly fair man, member of the professions, a responsible person
  • Virgo:  7 of Swords – Quarreling, annoyance, a plan that may fail, hope, confidence
  • Libra:  Knight of Coins, reversed – Idleness, inertia, stagnation, carelessness, discouragement
  • Scorpio:  2 of Cups, reversed – false love, folly, misunderstanding, misdiagnosis
  • Sagittarius:  Justice, reversed – Conformity, bigotry, bias, excessive severity
  • Capricorn:  10 of Cups – Contentment, successful completion
  • Aquarius:  The Magician, reversed – Physician, mental illness, disgrace, disquiet
  • Pisces:  10 of Coins, reversed – chance, loss, robbery, dowry, games of hazard