The boot stomping on a human face forever stomps a little less vigorously, though it still stomps.  The Stars do have something significant to tell us this week.  The Sun and Mars are in alignment with Mercury and Saturn.  Now if Venus had been in opposition, this would have indicated an end to war, but we’re not that lucky.  Instead there will be a historically important battlefield death this week.  Those of you not on battlefields and/or not historically important can relax a bit.

Backstabbery and team drama continues as Mars hacks its way through Gemini.  Ordinarily we could count on Venus to offset that a bit, but she’s off consorting with Mercury in Pisces, resulting in a general decrease in libidos.  Aries gets its theme music.  And Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius continues to be a right dick.  Did you ever know anyone who was covered in karma teflon?  I had a fraternity brother like that whom I will refer to as Edgar.  Edgar would constantly do stupid and/or criminal stuff and have the results of his actions land on someone else standing nearby.  He would do things like walk out of a place without paying, and the owners/security would converge on the people who came in with him (the fucker still owes me for that, btw) but the best example I can think of is one night when several of us drunk bastards were being driven home by our sober-driver brother.  Edgar rolled down the passenger-side window and whipped out the beer bottle he had just emptied… directly impacting the windshield of a parked (and occupied) police cruiser.  The sober driver got hauled off to jail, Edgar stumbled away unscathed and unrecorded.  Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is like that.  The only real thing working for us in the sky is the moon in Virgo, and while it does give us some protection, it’s most beneficial for women (so of course less useful for us).  It’s very good luck for any pentagram-wearing Wiccan lesbians who might be lurking.

This week’s draw looks remarkably good.  We have two cards that are exactly the same in meaning as Jupiter retrograde; but in this case in context, it might actually mean less “overzealous prosecution” and more like “cop was too interested in donut to notice you speeding.”  Literally only three number cards were drawn, so it’s going to be a big week and active at the end.

Aries:  5 of Coins – Love and lovers, concordance, affinities, material difficulties

Taurus:  Queen of Cups – Success, pleasure, happiness, wisdom, virtue.  This is probably the best possible draw for women.

Gemini:  Judgment, reversed – deliberation, simplicity, weakness

Cancer:  Ace of Wands – Creation, invention, enterprise, beginning, birth

Leo:  The Empress, reversed – Vacillation, light, truth, the unravelling of involved matters, public rejoicing

Virgo:  King of Cups, reversed – Injustice, vice, scandal, dishonest man.

Libra:  Justice, reversed – Law, bigotry, bias, excessive severity

Scorpio:  The Sun – Contentment, happy marriage, material happiness

Sagittarius:  10 of Swords, reversed  – Advantage, profit, success, favor, power, authority — but all of these things will only be short-lived

Capricorn:  7 of Coins – money, business, barter, ingenuity, purgation, quarrel, innocence

Aquarius:  Knight of Coins – Utility, responsibility, interest, rectitude

Pisces:  Knight of Wands – Departure, absence, flight, emigration, change of residence