I’ve been stationed in a few places while in the service, and my favorite  station was in Colorado.  Most likely because I left there a few months after they passed that ridiculous magazine law.

This is my review of Wild Tonic Mango Ginger Kombucha

What?  I’ll get to it.

What piqued my interest in this was the multiple County Sheriffs in Colorado that openly denounced the new “Red Flag” Law law that went into effect recently.  While I was living there, the then local sheriff, Terry Maketa of El Paso County, declared the magazine law unenforceable and refused to even try.  As for the new law, per the Colorado Springs Gazette:

The Democrat-sponsored law allows family, household members or law enforcement to petition a court for an “extreme risk protection order” (ERPO) to have guns seized from an owner if they believe he or she poses a threat to themselves or others.

The gun owner will be given legal counsel and a hearing within 14 days to determine if a longer-term order should be put in place for up to 364 days. The court can order a mental health evaluation, as well as mental health treatment.

The bill places the burden of proof on the gun owner to prove that he or she no longer poses a risk in order to get the firearms back.

The law allows courts to start accepting requests for ERPOs on Jan. 1. In the meantime, the state Police Office Standards Board, which is under Weiser’s office, along with chiefs of police, are working on policies for law enforcement in how to implement the law.

Let it be known that due process and presumption of innocence no longer exists.

So we’re going to play a game called, “Gun or Cellphone?”  I scour the internet for creep-shots of people that might have a cellphone…or a handgun, but which one can it be?  I leave it to you to decide…

Why would it matter?  Unlike the Colorado legislature all of us here are aware that no law is just going to magically make the guns disappear, and are aware of the utter lack of statistical likelihood the person next to you is mentally insane insane enough to murder everyone in the room.  We’re also much more aware if the FBI crime statistics that suggest the overwhelming number of murders with a firearm are handguns, so it seems more relevant.  So lets play…

#1 Gun or Cellphone?

#2 Gun or Cellphone?

#3 Gun or Cellphone?

#4 Gun or Cellphone?

#5 Gun or cellphone?

#6 Gun or cellphone?

#7 Gun or cellphone?

#8 Gun or cellphone?


#9 Gun or cellphone?

I don’t have an answer key…

I should warn you about this kombucha—some of the offerings from this brand are 5.6% alcohol which means this MAY be good for stealth day drinking.  Even though those are clearly labeled, the nannies at the Glibertarians.com legal department wished me to put up the following disclaimer:  drink this at work at your own risk…