Did anyone else go all Ron Swanson on their local grocery store today? “I want you to give me all the Cadbury Creme Eggs you have… Hold on. I’m concerned you’re just going to give me a lot of Creme Eggs. I want all that you have.” Sure my teeth are rotting from my head, and I’ve given myself Type II diabetes, but I’ll just keto for a couple of months and everything will be fine, right?

I love this hed: Vaping Teens Exposed to as Much Nicotine as Tobacco, but Don’t Know It. Probably because they’ve never used tobacco. I still can’t quite understand whether the news people are mouth breathing morons who don’t really understand that nicotine in NOT the product in tobacco that causes cancer, or whether there is some other motive in play here. But let me help everyone on this blog: There is no established causal link between nicotine use and cancer, nor am I aware of any other detrimental effects of long-term low-dose nicotine delivery. Nicotine is a poison at high enough doses. Like if you ate about 2 dozen Juul pods. But in the tenth-to-hundredth of a milligram range, no.

The video link is gone, but I’m pretty sure the Crew Dragon blew up this weekend. It sure looked like all of the fuel detonated at once, instead of over time in the rocket nozzles.

An interesting test on whether the law means what the law says or whether all statutes are open to Living Constitution interpretation. My non-lawyer take — the Title VII Non-Discrimination does not protect people from being discriminated against due to sexual orientation or gender identity, and if Congress wants that those to apply, they need to amend the law. My human take — as long as people come to work and do their job, who cares?

While this would certainly be good news for the housing and car markets, it is impossible for me to see the FedGov erasing all student loans as anything but a lump-sum payout to big banks. Those loans were already guaranteed by the government, so its not like they were carrying bad debt on their balance sheet. Nope, they’d just get a big pile of cash, presumably all at once, or very quickly.

I’m feeling very 90s college radio today.

Bonus Link: Meanwhile in Florida the Easter Bunny winds down after a hard weekend with some ultraviolence. Spud dumped this in Animal’s article so I’ll give him a tip o’ the cap.